5 Awesome Twitter Stats Tools

In digging up a bunch of stats for my presentation for Digital Marketing Conference Fall 2009, I dug up some really great Twitter stats tools. Some of them are really useful, and some just have an undeniable awesome factor. Either way, they’re worth a look if you’re an analytics junkie looking for your Twitter stats fix.

  1. TwitterCounter – Shows you a day-by-day count of your followers and then goes a step further by predicting how many followers you’ll have in the future, based on your current average growth rate. It also shows you graphs for people you follow as well as your tweet volume. They limit stats to 3 months back, however it looks like they’ll be adding some paid functionality that will let you search the lifetime of your account.
  2. TweetStats – Divides your Twitter feed into seven delicious graphs. Want to see what day you tweet the most? There’s a graph for that. Want to know which month had the heaviest tweet volume? There’s a graph for that, too. It’ll also tell you who you tweet at most, who you retweet most, and what your favorite flavor of Twitter client is.
  3. TweetVolume – Ever wonder exactly how much more you get tweeted about then your competitors? TweetVolume is the better alternative to counting tweets in Tweetdeck. Just put in up to five different keywords and get a snazzy little comparison graph back in a few seconds. It’s slick, fast, and simple. The only problem is that you can’t adjust by date, and the tool is unclear about the time range that it pulls data for.
  4. Twitter StreamGraph – StreamGraph is perhaps the coolest tool on this list, IMHO. Basically, it takes a keyword you choose, and then creates a correlation graph for other keywords that appear in association with your keyword by date. That way, you can see not only how frequently your keyword appears on Twitter, but you can also see what keywords appear alongside it. This is nice if you want to see what words people are associating with your brand, or if you’re trying to get a feel for how people are talking about various issues/products/services/etc. Pure, unadulturated awesome. (Caution: Runs a little slow.)
  5. Trendistic – Trendistic is another keyword trending tool. It’s nice because it lets you see, very clearly, what the volume has been for whatever keyword you’re searching a day, a week, a month, three months, or six months. It also gives you a list of currently trending keywords on Twitter on the right side of the graph. Simple and straightforward.

This is by no means a comprehensive list. What stats tools do you use and why do you use them?


  1. Hi, Nate — I’m new to using Twitter and monitoring conversations on it, so this post is really helpful. I love the TweetVolume tool; however, is there a way to determine the attitudes or get more information about what is being said? Your presentation at Digital Marketing World was great. thanks!

  2. Thanks, Phyllis and Pat!

    Pat – You’ve got a couple of options. First, start watching the stream yourself. Set up Tweetdeck with some searches on your brand and other relevant keywords. Then watch the tweets roll in, and you should get a subjective feel for the sentiments that are out there.

    If you want something else to help monitor sentiment, check out http://twendz.com. It’s pretty helpful in determining what the actual sentiment numbers break down to.

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