What Has Two Thumbs…

…and has been invited to speak at Digital Marketing World Fall 2009? This guy! I’ll be speaking on the “Twitter Success Stories” panel where I’ll be sharing some lessons learned from running Mozy’s Twitter account. The conference itself is free and web-based, so you have no excuse not to check it out.(At least be there for my panel!)

About the conference (from the conference website):

Digital Marketing World Fall 2009 will sum up the cutting-edge information and skills you need to master the latest, most successful digital marketing techniques out there. You’ll be amazed by how much you can digest in a six hour period! Some of the concepts brought to you by respected thought leaders and experts in the industry include:

  • Integrating social media into your marketing mix
  • Creating High-Performance Landing Pages for Demand Generation
  • Engaging and nurturing sales prospects through email
  • Building valuable content for your customer community
  • Link building to boost your site traffic
  • Building customer loyalty on the social web
  • Twitter success stories

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